Financial PR

One of the most critical influences on a company's investment rating is how information is communicated to the Investor Community. Gaining the attention of these audiences in the right way and at the right time is highly competitive and requires expertise, focus and commitment.

At Dickenson Seagull IR we undergo a deep understanding of our clients' business, growth strategy and financial position, enabling our firm to become a natural extension of the senior management team and a true value-added partner.

We work along with the top management to formulate and position the company's business strategy and standing in the market. This allows each company to attract high quality institutional ownership through proactive one2one introductions while managing investor inquiries on an ongoing basis. We can help you apply best practices to earn a premium valuation.

Our work on your behalf strengthens lines of communication with existing shareholders, presents your story to the large pool of qualified investors in our proprietary database, and reaches out to financial advisors and other important members of the investment community. The ultimate goal of this process is to achieve a significant and sustainable improvement in Liquidity & Participation and ensure that your company's stock is assigned its fair value in the marketplace.

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