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Investor Relations is a daily task -- not only when you announce your financial earnings(yearly or quarterly) or during the yearly exercise of releasing the Annual Report. Your Investor Relation (IR) efforts need to reach your audience on a daily basis. Hence, besides a corporate website, having a microsite is a good idea. Having your own IR microsite demonstrates your corporate transparency and professionalism and verifies your company's financial brand. An IR microsite is the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep your investment community up-to-date with developments within the company. Without an IR microsite, you stand the risk of turning away almost half of your potential investors.

So, let us study 5 specific ways how you can make your own IR microsite stand out:
  The information era has changed the environment of financial disclosure. Periodic and historical financial statements are no longer sufficient to make capital market decisions. In today's era, stakeholders demand fast, transparent and easy-to-understand information. It is thus important to move a step further than simply engaging with shareholders through your annual/quarterly financial earnings or the annual report. You need to highlight your financial brand through your IR microsite to showcase information transparency, visibility and 24/7 availability to investors. The prime objective of the microsite will be to share adequate financial information with stakeholders, helping them take appropriate investment decisions. The need for a microsite is felt due to the requirement of sharing increased information with stakeholders.
  Make sure you have a proper communications strategy to make your voice being heard by the right people. Make your Investor Relation Officers put your web marketing hats and think differently to structure the microsite. The first port of call for an investor is usually the website (microsite, in this case) whether to research on the company, for initial understanding or to gain an update on business performance. Here's what you can do:
a. Describe how the model will be executed by non-banking
b. Break ground by using video for earnings call and also its transcript.
c. Share organisational goals and objectives, with details such as mix of risk, return and growth, weighted average cost of capital and cash flows.
d. Disclose information on a real-time basis and increase the accessibility of financial and non-financial information.
e. Provide access to investor presentations, analyst meets, workshops and site tours.
f. Structure the microsite such that readers can navigate quickly.
g. Provide relevant information. The more relevant the information is, the better stakeholders are prepared and better the company is appreciated.
h. Ensure dedicated content for important sections (like Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility).
i. Respond quickly to investors. When you put a 'Contact Us' form or put a direct phone number on your microsite, ensure the respective department replies timely.
  Being a 'growth oriented' company, you need to practice how your IR microsite can become a proactive tool for growth. How do you get more people to visit your site. Your IR measurement efforts are often aided by your IR microsite. Bring meaningful value to your microsite by sharing more with your investors. With increasing stakeholder expectations, your IR microsite should provide useful, timely, up-todate financial and non-financial information to investors, analysts and traders. A commercially built IR site is a content-driven micro site, akin to corporate products and services microsites. Don't make it a simple data-feed library serving only data feed. Focus on targeting peer and competition benchmarking, conferences, one-on-one meetings and marketing ROI. Make it information-rich through which you can make them understand your vision and affirm their confidence in your management team's ability to execute this vision.

Consider your IR microsite as an inbound marketing and sales pitch. Use it to demonstrate your products, introduce the board, showcase your business partners and continually market your value proposition, as it is this information that reinforces your company's credibility and its leadership. Provide a broad set of information concerning the financial performance of your Company, pricing of your company's shares as well as non-financial information relevant for the financial markets. Make sure to offer easy links to frequentlyaccessed information and also to relevant industry groups and related websites.

An important rule is to update the information regularly. It is important to update the information regularly and check if the links are current. Make sure the information is factual, succinct, upto- date and supportive of the business investment case. Another important point is to ensure your Home Page offers the most unique and compelling content – like your IR presentation. These IR-related slides should be uploaded on your site up-front and centre. Another thing to be considered



  Make sure you have a comprehensive investor communications section on the microsite. Maximise the communication value by committing yourself to provide meaningful insight to best communicate with stakeholders. Do not short change your message to shareholders. The bottom line is to tell your compelling and confirmable story effectively through the website to gain investors' attention. Understand your valuable audience and build shareholder trust to build shareholder value. Try to have a one-to-one connect with shareholders. Target active investors and make them sign up for news and mail alerts to provide more insights on inbound investor targeting. Use your web marketing methodologies to forge a deeper relationship with shareholders. Better the content and outbound communications generated, the stronger the inbound communication and deeper the relationship with shareholders. Display your willingness to be open with shareholders and to understand their need for diverse information on financial performance, corporate governance and responsibility. This encourages your shareholders to learn more about the Company, your business and performance.
  The most important attribute of your IR microsite is to publish unique content, making it an essential destination for existing stakeholders and prospective investors. The better content and outbound communications generated, the better it is to engage with prospective investors. Present your content in an organized and transparent manner. Use your content to drive traffic as an inbound investor targeting tool. Give your inbound investors a deeper quantitative dive into your financial content and a qualitative view of understanding your goals and management ethics. Ensure you publish unique content on your website and establish it as an important destination.
It is important to understand what is expected from the global investment community and to make material content available on the microsite, such as your earnings call and guidance. The key is to follow up with investors and deepen your relationship with those who took time to listen to your earnings call, since these are your potential leads. Make sure all your content is 'share-ready' as investors share ideas and news using social networking sites. Have social media links on your IR web pages and news releases and have news releases automatically sent into the social stream.

The trend is to upload the entire Annual Report on your IR microsite (in downloadable format) rather than only presenting financials. Current and potential investors do read Annual Reports to see what you've been doing and what are your future plans. An Annual Report is an important content piece with unique communication value. Consider this as an important communications opportunity, beyond just regulatory compliance and accounting. You can also add interactive annual reports, interim reports, analyst presentations and press releases in accessible format on the microsite.
- IR Connect
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